Aware™ at the PPAI in Las Vegas

Our Aware™ team has been in the US and presented our Aware™ traceability technology at the PPAI Tradeshow for promotional products in Las Vegas. It was a great honor for us to participate in such a prestigious event and showcase our innovative technology to the industry's leading brands.

At the show, we talked to many brands who were struggling with Customs and Border Protection and how they can make sustainability claims with confidence. This is a problem because the CBP has recently increased its enforcement of regulations around forced labor and other ethical and environmental issues, making it difficult for brands to ensure their products are compliant and sustainable. That's where our Aware™ platform comes in. Our technology provides complete transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, making it easy for brands to prove the sustainability of their products and comply with regulations. With our platform, brands can have confidence in their sustainability claims and provide their customers with the assurance that their products are ethically and environmentally sound.

We had our own booth at the show, where we showcased our platform and its features, including a physical tracer and built-in public blockchain for added security and reliability. We received a lot of positive feedback and interest from the attendees, and we look forward to working with more brands to help them meet their sustainability goals.

About Aware™

Aware™ is an award winning global traceability solution for the fashion and textile industry. Their Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a world’s first game-changing phygital technology that revolutionizes the industry. Because at source a physical tracer is embedded into any type of raw material and each step is validated by each maker in the supply chain (primary data) which automatically ends up on a public blockchain. Leading to a virtual supply chain that follows the physical flow of materials forward, providing primary impact figures.

Aware™'s mission is to minimize the collective impact by maximizing traceability. With their technology, the Dutch company enables brands, suppliers and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions. Making greenwashing a thing of the past, and restoring consumers' trust in sustainability textiles.

The business was founded in 2020 by two Dutch sustainable fashion experts with 25+ and 10+ years of industry experience.

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