Introducing Aware™: The Ultimate Solution to Textile Traceability

We're excited to announce that our Aware™ platform is live, providing consumers with unprecedented access to product information and transparency in the textile industry. With the ability to scan a QR code on a product, consumers can access the product's passport and see its entire journey from raw material to finished product.


Traceability in the textile industry has become increasingly important in recent years, with consumers demanding more information about the production process and growing concerns around sustainability and ethics. Our Aware™ platform provides a solution to these concerns, offering the most advanced traceability platform available.


The Benefits of Aware™

The Aware™ platform is built on public blockchain technology, which means that it is accessible to everyone and impossible to cheat. It also means that there is a physical tracer on the product, making it the most secure and trustworthy solution available.

Complete Transparency: Our platform provides complete transparency in the textile industry, allowing consumers to access detailed information about the product's journey from start to finish.

Sustainability: Aware™ helps promote sustainability in the textile industry by providing detailed information about the product's environmental impact.

Security: Our platform is built on public blockchain technology, making it the most secure and trustworthy traceability solution available.


How Does Aware™ Compare to Other Traceability Platforms?

While there are other traceability platforms available, none offer the same level of security and transparency as Aware™:

Public Blockchain Technology: Many other traceability platforms use private blockchain technology, which limits accessibility and security. Our platform is built on public blockchain technology, making it accessible to everyone and impossible to cheat.

Physical Tracer: Many othersolutionsrely on digital tracking, which can be vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches. Our platform uses a physicaland scannabletracerinthe product, making it the most secure and trustworthy solution available.


Join the Textile Revolution with Aware™

The textile industry is changing, and it's time for brands to take accountability for their entire supply chain. With our Aware™ platform, brands can offer complete transparency and traceability to consumers, helping promote sustainability and ethical practices. By joining the textile revolution with Aware™, you can help make a difference in the industry and build trust with your customers.

About Aware™

Aware™ is an award winning global traceability solution for the fashion and textile industry. Their Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a world’s first game-changing phygital technology that revolutionizes the industry. Because at source a physical tracer is embedded into any type of raw material and each step is validated by each maker in the supply chain (primary data) which automatically ends up on a public blockchain. Leading to a virtual supply chain that follows the physical flow of materials forward, providing primary impact figures.

Aware™'s mission is to minimize the collective impact by maximizing traceability. With their technology, the Dutch company enables brands, suppliers and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions. Making greenwashing a thing of the past, and restoring consumers' trust in sustainability textiles.

The business was founded in 2020 by two Dutch sustainable fashion experts with 25+ and 10+ years of industry experience.

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