The Interline presents Aware™ in their TechHub

We are excited that Aware™, the leading traceability platform for sustainable fashion, is now being featured in The Interline's Tech Hub. The Interline, the renowned fashion technology magazine for industry professionals, has created a curated space to explore and discover cutting-edge solutions in various fashion technology domains. Aware™'s presence in the Blockchain and Digital Fashion area highlights its pivotal role in transforming the industry's traceability practices and revolutionizing the way we perceive sustainability in fashion.

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The Interline's Tech Hub: Finding Your Fashion Technology Fit

The Interline's Tech Hub serves as a comprehensive resource for fashion professionals seeking innovative technology solutions. With a diverse range of categories, including 3D, sustainability, AI, and supply chain, it provides a platform to navigate the vast landscape of fashion technology. By expanding the Blockchain and Digital Fashion category, The Interline recognizes the significant potential of blockchain technology in addressing key challenges related to upstream tracking, authenticity, downstream experiences, and the foundations of digital ownership within the fashion industry.

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Aware™: Redefining Traceability in Fashion

Aware™ is at the forefront of transforming the fashion industry through its advanced traceability platform. By leveraging a combination of physical tracers and public blockchain technology, Aware™ enables brands to track sustainable materials from their origin, through every step of the supply chain, to the final product. The scan data, along with production, sustainability, and social compliance information from each production facility, is securely recorded on a public blockchain. This data is accessible to both brands and consumers through the Aware™ Virtual ID, empowering them to make informed choices and driving transparency in the industry.

Click here to access Aware™'s profile and learn more about our mission, technology, and the positive impact we are making in the industry.

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About Aware™

Aware™ is an award winning global traceability solution for the fashion and textile industry. Their Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a world’s first game-changing phygital technology that revolutionizes the industry. Because at source a physical tracer is embedded into any type of raw material and each step is validated by each maker in the supply chain (primary data) which automatically ends up on a public blockchain. Leading to a virtual supply chain that follows the physical flow of materials forward, providing primary impact figures.

Aware™'s mission is to minimize the collective impact by maximizing traceability. With their technology, the Dutch company enables brands, suppliers and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions. Making greenwashing a thing of the past, and restoring consumers' trust in sustainability textiles.

The business was founded in 2020 by two Dutch sustainable fashion experts with 25+ and 10+ years of industry experience.

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