The Forced Labor Act in the US: How Aware™ Helps Brands Protect Their Reputation

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What is the Forced Labor Act in the US?

The Forced Labor Act in the US, particularly the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), represents a significant step towards eliminating human rights abuses in global supply chains. The UFLPA was created to address severe human rights violations reported in the Xinjiang region. This act mandates rigorous compliance measures, ensuring that products entering the US market are free from forced labor and ethically sourced. The act underscores the importance of transparency in global supply chains, urging brands to adopt rigorous traceability solutions.

Fiber Forward Traceability: The Only Accepted Standard

Fiber forward traceability follows the product from the very beginning of the supply chain, ensuring that every step is documented and verifiable. This method is recognized for its robustness and reliability, making it the only traceability service approved by US customs.

How Aware™ Facilitates Fiber Forward Traceability

Aware™ is quickly becoming the new standard in traceability as we make it easy to build compliance, transparency, and trust into every link of the supply chain. Here’s how we set ourselves apart:

I.Aware™ Platform: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems to deliver reliable data, ensuring that once data is entered, it cannot be altered. This provides an unchangeable and trustworthy record of the entire supply chain.

II.Tracer (Trust Dust): A physical tracer that guarantees the authenticity of fabrics from fiber to store. This tracer can be identified at every step of the supply chain, ensuring that the material is not substituted with fibers from unauthorized sources.

III.Digital Product Passport (DPP): Our Digital Product Passport offers end consumers complete transparency about the product’s journey, providing solid and smooth certification. 

Recent Developments and Enhanced Enforcement

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has increased efforts to enforce the UFLPA, focusing on heightened inspections and expanded targeting of small package shipments that previously evaded scrutiny. The DHS’s new enforcement strategy includes joint special operations, physical inspections, and detailed reviews of documentation to ensure compliance with the UFLPA. This heightened scrutiny underscores the need for robust traceability systems like those offered by Aware™.

How Aware™ Protects Your Brand

For brands aiming to safeguard their reputation and ensure compliance with the UFLPA, Aware™ provides an unmatched solution:

I.Ease of Integration: We offer a streamlined onboarding process, enabling brands to integrate fiber forward traceability swiftly and efficiently. Our collaboration with Outerknown, for example, saw the entire supply chain onboarded within one month.

II.Immutable Data Records: Our platform, supported by blockchain technology, verifies the sustainability and integrity of textile products, offering one platform for all your sustainability proof.

III.Consumer Transparency: Our Digital Product Passport allows consumers to trace the product’s journey, reinforcing trust and supporting brands’ claims of ethical production.


The Forced Labor Act in the US represents a critical effort to combat human rights abuses in the textile industry. With enhanced enforcement measures, brands must adopt reliable traceability solutions to comply with these regulations and protect their reputation. Aware™ offers a comprehensive and efficient way to integrate fiber forward traceability into your supply chain, ensuring compliance and fostering trust among consumers.


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About Aware™

Aware™ is an award winning global traceability solution for the fashion and textile industry. Their Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a world’s first game-changing phygital technology that revolutionizes the industry. Because at source a physical tracer is embedded into any type of raw material and each step is validated by each maker in the supply chain (primary data) which automatically ends up on a public blockchain. Leading to a virtual supply chain that follows the physical flow of materials forward, providing primary impact figures.

Aware™'s mission is to minimize the collective impact by maximizing traceability. With their technology, the Dutch company enables brands, suppliers and consumers to make better and more conscious decisions. Making greenwashing a thing of the past, and restoring consumers' trust in sustainability textiles.

The business was founded in 2020 by two Dutch sustainable fashion experts with 25+ and 10+ years of industry experience.

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